Monday, 28 March 2016

Mpumalanga sojourn #2: Waterval Onder

We spent two weeks on the farm "Ntsinini" - a place on which Kate and I have been botanising for many years and where we have steadily been adding to the plant species list. This trip was no exception as we could add a few species which we had not previously encountered. We had some great sightings of game and birds and, when our Gauteng guests arrived, we had a good time catching up socially.

The bottom waterfall
Bushwillow cottage across the weir
Watchful giraffe
Half-collared kingfisher
Cape clawless otter
The Sphedamnocarpus pruriens were flowering profusely during this trip, their lemon-yellow flowers catching the eye. Tetraselago wilmsii pushed their lilac flowers above the grass and Pseudarthria hookeri towered over them.

Sphedamnocarpus pruriens
Tetraselago wilmsii
Pseudarthria hookeri
In the tall grass we were lucky to find for the first time Aspidoglossum araneiferum with its intricate flowers. This was one of the species added to our already substantial list.
Aspidoglossum araneiferum
Another Asclepiad we found near the cottage was Pentarrhinum insipidum. This was the more common red-tinged form of the white form of the species recently found at Ngele.

Pentarrhinum insipidum
The scenery on the farm is most conducive to recharging the batteries.

Late afternoon walk
Evening view up the Swartkoppies Spruit
Participants: Gerrit G, Gill C, Graham G, Kate G.

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